Remake Of A Summer

directed by Magali Bragard and Séverine Enjolras, 

produced by Carine Chichkowsky, Survivance, 2017, 95 min.


Our film plays with the idea of a remake of the cult favorite documentary “Chronique d’un été” (Chronicle Of A Summer), directed in 1961 by Jean Rouch and Edgar Morin. We followed characters in Paris throughout a summer to ask them about happiness and the way they traverse life. Our film not only depicts a portrait of modern society but also poses the question of how the love of cinema affects our experiences. As Edgar Morin has said, “There are two ways to think of Cinéma vérité. The first is to pretend to show the truth. The second is to address the problem of the truth.”

Magali Bragard and Séverine Enjolras

Tënk's Review

“It was an audacious challenge to walk in the footsteps of a film as symbolic as “Chronique d’un été” (Chronicle Of A Summer), a dicey gamble that ran the risk of sinking under the weight of the historical reference. When Magali Bragard and Séverine Enjolras decided to remake Rouch and Morin’s summer, the world of cinema had spent more than fifty years making its mark, while utopias continued to disappear. But their film, “Remake Of A Summer,” gracefully structured identically to its precursor, evades the traps by continuing to question the importance of the process. It is very much a chronicle of another summer, inevitably non-exhaustive but singularly true.”

Sylvain Baldus

Awards & Festival Selections

2017: États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France)

2017: Traces de Vie, Clermont Ferrand (France)

2017: Portraits de Vie, Annonay (France)

2018: Ethnocineca Festival, Best Anthropological Film, Vienna (Austria)

2018: GIEFF (German International Film Festival), Koblenz (Germany)

2018: Santorini Film Festival (Greece)

2018: Roma Cinema DOC (Italy)

2018: Ethnofest, Athens (Greece)

2018: DOC EST Documentary Film Festival, Iaşi (Romania)

2019: AntropofestPrague (Czech Republic)

2019: Amsterdam Film Festival, Vincent Van Gogh Award (Netherlands)

2019: World Film Festival, Tartu (Estonia) 

2019: Trento Film Festival, Trento (Italy)

2019: Mediating Camera, Moscow, (Russia)

2019: Maracay Film and Video Festival (Venezuela) 

2019: Five Continents International Film Festival (Venezuela)

2019: Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival (Japan)

2019: Festival international du film numérique de Cotonou, Best documentary award, Cotonou (Benin)

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